Seem to be having a slight hiatus this month. But keep checking, you know how I get restless.



Step-mum said...

Okay, here's me posting an uber-comment: Grief is a pig-fucker.

Riel, I love you. But grief is a pig-fucker. There is nothing worse than what we feel.

SusanDee said...

Okay, Step-mum is going to say what grief is: It's a girl falling apart. It's a bunch of panties in a hamper. Grief is a ham sandwhich, grief is a freshly-pressed, first edition of The Clash's first album, that you look at when you're forty. Grief is when you realize your hands are getting veiny. Grief is a George Jones song; a puppy who is unattractive but needs to be adopted. Grief is losing the person who made you who you were. And finding yourself despite that loss.