And You Were Here To Witness It...

Very, very good set at the competition last night. Wow. Killed, for real. Other comics were congratulating me after, and then, tonight at the El Cocal, comics who weren't even at the show last night were saying they heard I killed. Other comics are discussing my set. This is fantastic. I get it now, how you're only as good as your last show. I gotta keep rockin' it. It has so paid off to be so focused on the competition and to just do show after show. I have definitely stepped it up a level. Had a nice little set at the El Cocal tonight, too. I thought I would bomb for sure because last night went so well, but, man, I just love it so much. Five or six minutes just isn't enough for me now. I want more. I did, like, ten minutes or something the other night at Jupiter and I LOVED it. It felt good to really feel the audience out, chat sometimes, not try to get as many jokes out as I can in five minutes. More time for them to see more of me.

I'm having an epiphany right this minute. Oh, my, God. Ok. So all this time I've been thinking that my big challenge was to bring all the elements of myself into my comedy, that I not come off as one note. But, doing a longer set and having time to reveal more of myself....well....it's longer, so I can. So it's not that I am so far away from where I want to be with my material, it's that it's hard to fit everything about me into 5 minutes. Huh. That's a relief. Don't get me wrong, my material still has a long way to go, and I need lots more of it, but I find it kind of relaxing realizing there are other factors that come into play than just my own inability to communicate what I want. Yay, I'm not a total jerk!

Goin' to bed now. Thinking maybe getting to sleep before 4am might do me some good.

kisses, darlings,


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