Things are thus: I had the most intense summer. I was pretty low after getting laid off, whilst in mourning for my dear friend. But then, you know what? I just played music. I played and played. It has been so amazing. Recently another friend passed away, (what the deuce is going on in the world?!), and many around me are shell shocked. She was my age. A gorgeous, vibrant, smart, engaged woman. With the most incredible attitude, right to the last. Both my friends that died this summer were people who never took a moment for granted, who sunk their teeth into anything and everything they could, always richer for the experience. And always grateful for their time on Earth and with their people.

Where, you may well wonder, am I going with this?

Just here. I have no more time for second guessing or being afraid. I have been performing my songs quite a bit, and I think getting better. I bought a pretty little guitar I like with some of my severance pay from the job loss. I am taking guitar lessons from my friend Kevin House. It's the most joyful thing, to be spending time every day playing music. I can't believe this is my life. It is wonderful and magical. And a teeny bit scary, but that's okay, too. I played two shows at the Comedy Festival that just ended. I was booked for two nights, doing two songs each night, on the Rockomedy Show. I shared the stage with some of my most revered comics in North America. It was an honour, and totally glorious. I killed it, I mean really really killed it, and some pretty incredible momentum has come out of it. At least, my own internal momentum has picked up. I want to keep the movement happening so I am on the hunt for representation, booking a trip to LA in November, (got a free WestJet ticket, but that's a funny story for another time), and am making two music videos. The LA trip is because I can, because I have so many excellent friends there, because it's warm, and I'm hoping to be able to tack on some shows by rallying the fellas I met from there while they were here at the Comedy Fest.

The videos. I have asked my dear friend James to direct videos for two of my songs. (You gotta hear the newest one, "The Communist Love Song", it's my punk rock anthem.) We are aiming for getting it done quickly, but makin' 'em good. I am still thrilled at the idea of making a whole album, of course writing is taking a bit of time.

I was not allowed to film the comedy festival shows, festival rules or whatevs, but I do have this low quality video of me performing the week before the fest. The sound is not great, but it's proof that this crazy thing is actually happening.


Well, you guys. Well. Pretty chuffed over here.