I just got a new camera. To replace a broken camera. It made me think about all the electronics I have laying around. I dug deep in my brain to see if I could remember what they all are. I am thoroughly disgusted with myself.

4 digital point and shoot cameras
2 Casios, both broken (second one bought to replace first one, which I dropped the first day I had it)
2 Panasonics, one broken (first one bought to replace the 2nd Casio, which I dropped eventually, second purchased to replace the one I dropped on Christmas Day)

1 digital SLR camera, working but complicated beyond my scope and needs

1 35 mm SLR camera, broken (would still like to get this fixed, still miss 35mm)

1 Polaroid Camera (I love it, but hard to find film now, also – not useful for recording comedy sets in any way)

1 Sony video camera (great little video camera, but only has firewire output, and my MacBook does not have a firewire port)

5 (!!!) Cellular telephones
1 LG Telus phone – still works
1 Motorola Telus phone – still works
1 Pantech Telus phone – my all time favourite phone, now discontinued, and wanted to use it when I moved to Fido last month, but it started doing weird things, and then Fido said I had to get one of their phones, anyway.
1 Nokia Fido phone
1 Kyocera phone – my New York number and hands down the worst piece of electronic equipment I have ever used.

1 MacBook Aluminum – love it and excellent, except no Firewire port
1 Mac Powerbook laptop – super old but good for running Final Cut Pro
1 Mac Mini – older model, hand me down and down – ethernet ports don’t work but otherwise solid

1 iPod touch 4
1 iPod shuffle 2nd gen
1 iPod shuffle 1st gen
1 iPod mini – broken, after being dropped

Seemingly hundreds of sundry cords, connectors and chargers for various things. Miles of ethernet and phone cable.

I think that covers it. I just wanted to lay it out in my mind, before I get home and lay it out physically and take pictures. It’s incredible how much electronic equipment I have amassed. This list doesn’t even include speakers, microphones, headphones, electronic instruments…..