Countdown to normal

This is my horoscope from the Georgia Straight this week:

"Make sure you have control of whatever you are in - or on - especially from June 25 to 28, as things could get crazy and out of control in a heartbeat. After June 28 the choppy seas become calm and you can resume your journey."

I like to read my horoscope, but don't place too much stock in it, or at least, no more than I place in anything else. However, this one is bang on. I don't know what happened yesterday, but I came home from work and devolved into a mess of anger and sadness. Thought about bailing on my show last night, then gave myself a little lecture about my committment to comedy. "You call yourself a comic? Then you better get your ass to a comedy show, lady." So I did. Cried the whole way there. Like, unavoidable crying. As soon as I pulled away from the house, just burst into tears. Sometimes my car is the safest place to do that, I guess. My house was full of people when I got home, all bbqing and stuff. Nowhere to be alone. I tried not to open my mouth because I could tell that nothing nice was going to come out. I wish my horoscope would say why everything would be out of control for three days. But it sure is. Two more days to go....


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