Just a nice thing.

One morning earlier this week I was on my way to work, via the bus. It was a nice morning, no rain, a little sun, not too early. I had my ipod on and was having a sweet ease into the day walking to the busstop. I got on the bus and saw a friend sitting at the very back, wearing headphones and reading one of those free dailies we have now. He looked up, we waved and I gestured that I didn't want to talk, I was listening to music, he indicated his paper and headphones and we smiled. I sat next to him and after a few seconds put my arm around him. A beat, then he put his head on my shoulder and kind of leaned into me and continued reading. We stayed like that until my stop, when I kissed him on the forehead and got off the bus. We waved and blew kisses, both beaming. We never uttered a word. It was one of the best mornings I have had in a long time.


boys who dig girls who dig boys who....

You know what I like? Watching boys watch girls. More specifically, I like catching guys watch a girl walk by, look her up and down, and appreciate her blatantly. For some reason this brings me much joy.


No title today.

Has been a busy few weeks, to be sure. Much excitement, some things I can not mention, due to top secrecy. Rest assured, though, all signs point to this being a big year for me. As I have mentioned before.

Had the most fun on Guy MacPherson's radio show on Sunday night. Got to talk about myself for a whole hour. You know how I like that. Check the Comedy Couch website for the podcast of that show...not up yet...but will be...I hope....


Many thoughts of getting life together. Finally taking care of tax life, which will cleverly lead to taking care of medical plan life.

May have to move, may not have to move. Sublettor has announced he is likely, but possibly not, returning April 23rd, will need about 3 weeks in apartment to get stuff out. Wondering if I'll be able to convince landlords to let me live there, could be a hard sell. So, other possibilities? Not sure. Really want to stay in my hood, it's just right for me and so central.

Selling car, but now asking much less for it as needs hefty repairs. Probably sell it to a mechanic. Needs new cylinder head and gaskets. Yikesers. Both mechanics that looked at it said it's the fault of my previous mechanic who did shoddy work on it. Gr. And he was recommended by friends!!

Ok. You've heard from me. Now get patient, because it is unlikely that my posting is going to get any more frequent in the next couple of months. I'll try to get funny and charming on here soon again...blah blah blah.

You boners who didn't make it out to the Here Be Monsters Festival are boners. For real. It's going to happen again next year and it is wonderful and more wonderful. I'm so proud of the team that put it together - Jeff Gladstone, Ryan Gladstone, Heather Lindsay, France Perras, Michael Fitzpatrick, Jen Fitzpatrick-Wilson, Courtenay Dobbie, Michelle Field, and Glen the tech guy, whose last name escapes me. Anyway, kudos to them for raising the cultural bar in this town. An event like this can only serve to educate Vancouver audiences to the great experience that is live theatre. Bring it.