Oh, Canada. True, Strong, Free, Gay.

I went to see the Rodin show at the VAG yesterday. Wow. I have seen most of the sculptures before, as many of them have a permanent home at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I was once there for a Gustave Caillebotte show, (my favourite of the impressionists, look him up), and they were renovating or something, and there was this room upstairs where all the Rodin sculptures were just kind of lying around. It seemed like we had stumbled into a room that was supposed to be storing things or something, nothing was really properly on exhibit, but there were all the Rodins...it was amazing. This show at the VAG also very wonderful. I have been very, very tired this week, or else would have stayed for many hours contemplating all the pieces. They are very moving and each one could make me very happy if it was in my home. It was quite difficult not to touch them. They begged to be stroked, and some even looked like you should curl up with them. So much motion in every figure, and evocative as hell. Worth your time. I think I'll go back.

So very tired and long day ahead tomorrow, so I'll sleep now. Will keep you up to date on my rollercoaster life.

By the way, there's a Fatburger in Vancouver now, on Denman, so you should have one, if you like burgers. They were my dad's favourite. I almost liked them the best when I lived in LA, but always went with In N' Out burgers, mostly because they were only two blocks from my house. But Fatburger, yum. Me and Ian got some and ate them at the beach at English Bay.

Happy Birthday Canada. May you become an adult soon.

Oh, yeah. This is funny. I talked to my mum tonight for a long time. She's designing a show right now, or, rather they are into the building stage, so she's finished designing which means she's not occupied by it when she's driving, so she thinks about other things. Today she found herself wondering what it would be like if Karla Homolka moved to her town. This is the kind of brain I was raised by, people. She said she wondered what she would do if she went into the coffee place in town and saw Homolka there - would she walk out? Can you joke around with a serial killer? I told her that no, you can't joke around with a serial killer, everyone else would be very angry with you. God, can you imagine? How creepy would that be if Homolka moved near you. Ich.

By the way, if I ever liked Tom Cruise even one iota, I am over it over it over it. What a psycho freak. I hope he gets ostracized by the other Scientologist celebrities for making them look bad.

Yes, I have thought about this.


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melons said...

funny, i just read an article about Karla getting out of prison and how her mother was going to look after her for the next while.

if you are the mother of a serial killer, what do you do? if you see a serial killer in a coffee shop, you can walk out. if the serial killer is your daughter and she lives with you, how do you cope?

on the bright side, i just ate the most delicious apple. sometimes i wish i could eat Gala apples all day long.

by the way, the show on the 16th is cancelled. dumb bass player.