Good Story!

Wanna hear a good story? I was so bummed out yesterday...well, frustrated is more like it, (thanks, by the way, for all your kind and wise words), that I wanted to hit something. So I got all productive and cleaned and rearranged for a few hours. That was pretty good. Then I realized I had to jump in the shower and race out to do TWO shows. Yup, TWO shows in one night. That's only the second time I've done that. So I get to the Cotton Club, go up first, usually not the best slot to have hot sets, but I killed. It was awesome. I think it's good when I'm angry because I use all that energy on stage. They were a rowdy bunch, too, but I made them listen. So then I run outta there and go up to Zizanie a few blocks away. Now, Zizanie is not always that full, and I have never had a particularly good set there, so I'm not sure how it's gonna be. But I get there and it's so packed people are spilling out onto the street. And standing outside, calmly chatting with his manager, is Robin Williams. Nobody is bothering him, so I go up and interrupt and we end up having a really nice chat for quite a while. It somehow comes out that my cell phone was cut off because I spent so much money on the car...etc...and he says he's sorry he's not carrying that much cash with him or else he'd just pay for it. We laugh. I have a nice conversation with his manager, David Steinberg, and then I gotta run in and do my set. They say they'll come watch. Again, I KILL. Awesome, awesome set. I get back outside and Robin asks how it went, I tell him it was great. He says he just made it inside for my pussy eating joke, and then says I'm his people. Ha! Then he reaches in his pocket and takes out a fifty dollar bill and hands it to me and says to put it towards my phone. I tell him I can't take it, he insists, I get a bit teary, he says cut it out, I tell him I'll take him out for dinner one day, he says that would be nice. Then I tell him thanks, but I should warn him that I'm pretty bad with money so I'll probably just take the 50 bucks and get ten five dollar hookers. He and David crack up. Apparently they've never heard the phrase five dollar hooker and now it is their favourite. We spend the next ten minutes making five dollar hooker jokes and now Robin Williams and David Steinberg think I'm hilarious and will never forget me.

Do you think this means something?

I do.

I think it was one of THOSE nights. The one where you tell the story years later, knowing that was a big moment, a turning point, the night you knew for sure you were going to make it. I think it was that night.

Then I came home and wrote a brilliant bit about Scientology and a whole bunch of other jokes. I have new jokes!!!

I still have no phone, and an unopened envelope from Revenue Canada, containing God knows what, and rent next week, and and and....but one day I'm going to be very, very successful at what I do and will never ever be in this position again. So I will bear down and move forward, with my eye on the prize.

I love what I do. I never want to do anything else.

Robin Williams gave me fifty dollars.



miss sara said...

that is an amazing story/event thing...holy holy holy. wow. that is support on just so many levels.

sly said...

holy hell! that's so exciting! i live 3 blocks away - i've got to go to zizanie more often...

Morgan said...

I am so in love with you.