Things That Don't Belong on Twitter or Facebook

I have the tenderest heart and I can't figure out how to protect it from always being broken by people who claim to love me but actually misunderstand me or want me to be something different than I am. I just get to feeling like myself is good when I get knocked back again by being told I'm too aggressive, or too honest, or too sensitive, or too....everything. Where on the planet do I go to not be received as just too much?


postmortem (a poem)

when I am dead
wash my body
run your hands slowly over the parts
recognize and discover
tenderly clean my pallid, stony skin

then smooth oils scented with geranium into my skin
and my hair
spread fresh rose petals across my body
and wrap me in linen

carry my body, wrapped this way
carry my body through the streets
let the parade form behind me
let them sing and cry out loud

let everyone know I am dead
call them into the streets
dance beside them and all around me
let ribbons fly and drums be beaten

when I am dead set the dogs to howling
and open the bird cages

let time stop when I am dead