My hair's on fire, put me out.

I am cleverly ensconced in the Okanagan Valley this week. Aren't I smart? Rivers and lakes abound, though I haven't actually dipped myself in yet. Likely later today. Mmmm, swimming.

Driving home from the Caravan Farm Theatre last night, (where I have roped myself into some volunteering...getting some things ship shape. Spent too many years implementing systems that worked to see it all crumble now. Have a meeting shortly to make sure all box office and front of house issues have been addressed), so driving from there to my mum's place and could see the deep orange glow of a forest fire over the hill. Watched it for a long time to see if it was moving our way. No officials have been here to say we're in any danger, so that's good, but it is smokey today, but the wind seems to have settled down, so that's good. Fire season upon us with a vengeance. Fire season, so strange it has it's own season. Like it goes winter, spring, summer, fire, fall.

Wanted to remind you all that I am feeling lazy about updating my upcoming gigs list on the blog, so you can check out my myspace site, www.myspace.com/rielhahn, for all pertinent info, 'til I get back on the regularity train with el bloggo.

Chuffed to be able to say that the Caravan show is quite wonderful this year. MacBeth, you see, one of Shakespeare's shortest, and set in the woods, and so beautiful and solid performances and direction. Huzzah!

Am trying to write something based on the phrase "farm noir" which I came up with last night. Pretty funny, I think.



my lazy eye is on strike

If you hear squeaking it's probably just my rusty typing muscles working out the kinks. I know, so few and far between lately. As soon as there is reliable wireless in my pod, well, I promise nothing. Never mind.

Very good set tonight at the Media Club, much better than Friday's at Stages. Strange, since Stages was packed and the Media Club was, well, not. But the sweet little audience tonight was so attentive and ready to laugh. I tried a new bit and it went over well. Finally trying to mine my Jewiness for comedy gold. You'd think that all the good Jew material would have been done by now, but it seems this is not so. And the clever little bits that I keep thinking up, you'd REALLY think those ones had been rehashed umpteen times, but, apparently not so, either.

I think I am still drunk from last night. Went to my first ever lesbian wedding. It seems noteworthy, what with all the gay marriage talk. Very beautiful ceremony on the beach and a lovely little reception. Danced and visited with many of my good friends, and when it was over a few of us went to someone's house, then two of us walked to Denny's and ate steak and eggs at 4am, then walked home. Got home around 5:20am and watched "Spanglish" with Adam Sandler. If you have not seen this movie yet, DON'T!! That has got to be one of the worst pieces of filmic garbage I have ever been too drunk and lazy to turn off. Garbage, I say!!

So, in case I haven't mentioned to you in person, because I have been telling everyone, the big news this week is that I finally signed with an agent. This is very good news for me and I'm pretty excited about what we're gonna get done together. I'm hoping for some good touring opportunities, and who knows. Anyway, it's the next step and I'm really happy to be taking it. I've never done anything for this long before, and have never been so patient with my progression in something. I sure am having a good time.

I'm so happy not to be sad anymore. I know there will be more sad ahead, but it's a relief to be feeling like all I have to focus on is work and moving forward. I feel like darling Phil is with me all the time, ready to give advice to me in my head, should I need it. I pretended to call him on my cell phone the other night and had an imaginary conversation with him, though my end was actually out loud, but it was cool because I felt like the answers I was getting from him were what he would have said were he still with us. Sigh. I do miss him a lot still.

Little by little, y'all, it's all coming together.

Bio dad, will you call me please?



What? No Parade?

It's true. I arrived back in Vancouver last week and couldn't believe the lack of fanfare. I mean, there WERE fireworks, but I'm pretty sure that had to do with Canada Day. Although...

Home again. For a bit. Jonesing to get to the country and spend some time with my mum. She says it's been 900 degrees where she is, which might be an exaggeration. But I bet it feels that hot. I know how it can get there, where your brain seems to be on the verge of bursting into flames. At least it's a dry heat, and there are lakes and rivers nearby, for the moment. Who knows what will happen with all the climate change and whatnot. They'll use up all the water trying to put out all the fires. Yes, yes, fire season is upon us again. Amazing that it has it's own season. So, sometime after the 15th I'm headed up there. Why the 15th, you may ask? I'm goin' to a wedding. A lesbian wedding! My first ever. I'm excited. Not because it's lesbian, okay maybe a bit, but because the marry-ees are good together. I like going to weddings where I think it's a good idea for the people to be getting married.

Had a wicked good show at the Urban Well last night. Third show since I've been back from the east and I have learned something. I was so nervous for all my shows back east that I harnessed the energy and attacked. Then I got back to Vancouver and immediately did two lazy shows. No more. That is this week's lesson. Never can I do a set like it doesn't matter. Every goddamned one matters. So I MADE myself nervous last night. I paced and got dressed up and put on lipgloss and went over my set a hundred times and worked myself into quite a lather. It worked. So now I know I'm in control of how I am on stage. I really, really know it. I gotta show up every single time. I fucking love this. Am convinced of my imminent success.