Indulge me. I did.

You can now hear the full podcast of my appearance on Guy MacPherson's radio show, "What's So Funny". It's an hour interview with me, plus a couple of comedy clips. I listened to it last night and I don't come off too badly. Honk honk.




The People Have Spoken

Well, Anonymous has spoken, at any rate. Don't ask me why I'm going to start listening to Anonymous all of a sudden....so I'm gonna stick around the blogging. I can't seem to want to commit myself wholly to MySpace. This is way less culty. A lot more people look at MySpace, though, so I'll leave it up. But I'm not blogging over there, no way. NO WAY!

Did you know that there had been sunshine today? It streams in the window, I am like a cat trying to curl as much of my body into it as possible. Mmmm...I can't wait 'til it's hot enough to fall asleep in the sun on a grassy knoll somewhere.

I think I've left it long enough to get someone a chocolate bunny at a seriously discounted price. Whaddaya think? Late Easter Monday, they oughtta have 'em marked down by now.

I got ahold of some bad fish or something yesterday, had a rather unpleasant evening, just serious nausea and whatnot. No more sushi, I'll tell you what. That's probably fine because my mum is coming to town on Friday and all she ever wants to eat while she's here is Chinese. No good Chinese where she lives. It makes her sad. Dim sum dim sum dim sum.

We are nearing the time of year where everything goes all loopy and I start to think about leaving town...luckily I am definitely going to Ottawa and Montreal for the Fringe Festivals in June, but I'm trying to decide what to do and where to be for the rest of the summer. Need work, and might be able to get some up at the Caravan, but can I stay out of Vancouver and away from standup for that long? I'm going to try to book some shows out east, so at least that'll keep me sharp. I love comedy so much it's getting weird. I want it more than anything else. Even when I don't do that well. Which, frankly, hasn't been happening that much lately. I have had an excellent run the last couple of weeks and it's making me write more and more jokes, and my material and myself are becoming one, and me onstage is more like me offstage, and it's friggin' thrilling, if you want to know the truth.

You know, on a completely other note, once I thought that Anonymous might be my dad posting posthumously. Isn't that weird? Now that I seem to be out of the whiny part of my grief cycle, maybe Anonymous will reveal themselves to me. Huh? Huh? Ya wanna?

So, here we are. Back where we started. And I shan't think of leaving again any time soon. Though I might be forced to write this while squatting in someone's back yard for 3 weeks, if I don't find a place to stay while the guy I sublet from comes back and gets his life moved, or whatever he's doing. I wonder what he is doing. Haven't heard his exact arrival date. I think it's in six days, though. Hm....I'm going over to MySpace to see if anyone wants to house me for a few days...coupla weeks, whatever. Anyone?



Hmph. Have been having not very good reports of MySpace from people looking for my show listings. Apparently you can't look at anything in detail if you're not a member, which is a pain in the ass. The experiment might not be working. Also, I'm finding it a bit weird. Kind of fishbowly, or big brothery, or something. People all up in my bidness. As it were. Plus, user interface is important. I don't always keep my listings totally up to date here on blogger, but at least it's a nice, soft green colour, and it's kind of quiet. MySpace is like a small town. Infidelia is like being in a field. Ahhhhhh...this feels really nice here. Very relaxing. Maybe MySpace can be my city house, and Infidelia my country house. I've always wanted both. I don't know, but I'll make an effort to keep things more current here, because I kind of missed it. Sigh. What I won't do for boys.




okay, hobos. i'm moving. well...virtually, anyhow. i'm trying to figure out how to link my blog to my myspace site. i've discovered that the calendar on myspace is very convenient, and it's much easier to see dates and showtimes of mine there. easier for me to update, as well. i'd like to consolidate my interweb life. so i'm saying that i might not write here much. i'm not entirely sold on giving up the warrior princess, but maybe i am, too. erm...i'm not sure i have a blog in me anymore. for a while, anyway. i think maybe i've worked out what i needed to work out here, and now i just need to work. see?

anyway, while i think this over, find me at:


it's concise.