I planted dahlia tubers recently and their little green heads are poking out and looking all sticky and new. Sweet little darlings. I think they are my new children. I'm worried because only 3 of the 4 are growing...I think my 4th may be a "special" dahlia tuber. But, of course, I'll love it no matter what. Probably I'll love it even more.

So father's day kind of came and went. I had a missing my dad week, but, honestly, it was a different kind of missing. It didn't rip my heart out and make me fall down. It's not that it felt good, it was still painful, but tempered with some sweetness, too. I think he would be very, very proud of the work I'm doing, and, I gotta be honest with you, I think he's taken to inhabiting my body sometimes. I swear, I am coming up with funny things that are sooooo him. Plus, I've noticed a fierce desire to write political humour coming out. I have decided that I want to write for a political radio or tv show. It feels soooooooooooo good and like I'm right in my element. I guess I could start trying to write more political humour for standup, too. I've kind of figured something out about the process of writing political stuff that made it seem less daunting.

We have a sprinkler going in the back yard and I'm of two minds about it. It's very pleasant, and I love our plants getting a nice drink...but....I feel a little guilty about it. I have a real thing about wasting water. It makes me feel really selfish. One of these days it'll all be gone. It worries me, water.

As I have said it, the news comes on with stories of widespread flooding in Alberta. The poor prairies. Drought or flood, eh? Poor guys. As I complain when it drops below 18 degrees celcius. Oh, it's raining for an afternoon, poor us in Vancouver.

I really think I have to give up boys. I don't even seem to have time for my own self right now. Comedy is the only things I want to put energy into. How will I ever acheive tha balance I long for? Perhaps if I really longed for balance I would have chosen an easier lifestyle. So.

I have new little idea for a play...it's called "Cancer. Taxes. A Love Story." I'm going to start writing it tonight.

Benny and Joon is on tv. I haven't seen this movie for years. Huh. I kind of forgot about it.

Hey, you know what? I watched "Sideways" last night and I didn't really think it was what everyone said it was. I liked it, but thought the script was pedestrian. Very sitcommy, hit you over the head dialogue at moments. And I thought Thomas Haden Church was middling at best. Paul Giamatti was good, though, and I liked the women very much. It makes me happy that Sandra Oh is getting so much work. I think she rocks. She's super sexy in this movie, too.

I gotta get my own tv show.


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