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I replied to your comment. In case you missed it. I will never set you free.

"I could crush your head like a nut, but I won't, because I need you." - Strange Brew

"You fool, don't you realize I could have poisoned you a thousand times over if I didn't need you so much?" - Cleopatra

like that.


UPCOMING SHOWS - revised 06/25


Wednesday, June 28th, The Orange Room, 620 Sixth Street, New Westminster, 8:30pm, $5.

Thursday, June 29th, Wink, 8th Ave at Main street, 9pm, by donation.

Tuesday, July 4th, Urban Well, Cornwall and Yew, Vancouver, 7:30pm, $7

Friday, July 14th, 10pm, Blue's Comedy, Stages at the Holiday Inn, 711 West Broadway.


August 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, (Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat), 8:45pm, 1937 West 2nd Avenue on the glorious rooftop deck...(rain or shine, the audience is covered!), $5

Stretch Mouth'd Rascalls Theatre presents "A Little Life", a truly unique improvisational theatre experience. Starring Riel Hahn, Tallulah Winkelman, Jeff Gladstone, and Tom Jones. Inspired by the true life story of our special guest! Doors at 8pm. Food and booze available for sale. Wednesday and Saturday stay for the fireworks! Come early for a preshow sunset.



Lazy weekend in Ottawa. Came down with some kind of feverish illness yesterday, lightheaded and hot and cold. Dragged my ailing ass down to the fringe for our second to last show, then over to the comedy club...because...the set went so well on Wednesday's pro/am night, the booker invited me to come back and do a weekend spot. Very cool. Very exciting. Set last night was not quite as tight as Wednesday's, but still went very, very well, indeed. Will feel good to go back to Vancouver with a few hot eastern shows under my belt. Definitely need to do some goal setting with regards to my future in comedy. Make a plan. (Who IS this girl???)

Looking much forward to getting back to BC, where I understand how to care for my hair and skin. Going to head up to my mummy's for a bit at some point in July, likely after the 15th. A week or so up there, swimming and whatnot, hanging out with my sweet aging dog, see the opening of the Caravan Farm Theatre's "MacBeth". Ah.

Much about this trip has been good and soul filling. So much love and family and friends, good connection with my bio dad. Great, actually. Hoping we sometime again get to live in the same part of the world. He's convinced that I will never leave Vancouver, but I am not. I still find Montreal and Toronto and NYC thrilling with their edginess and urban drive. Must, of course, carefully consider the career options and where would best serve me in that department. Montreal is romantic, and I know I could carve a lovely social niche for myself, but as for a comedy career, who knows. Anyway, at least another year in Vancouver as the Rascalls solidify our attachment to one another and hopefully make plans for serious touring next year. Lots of wiggle room, naturally, in case something crazy happens. Knowing me, something crazy is just around the corner.

Hm. I'm going to go watch episode 2 of season 3 of entourage now. I looooves having high speed interweb. Ooooh, or maybe I'll just pop downstairs and watch the end of the Argentina/Mexico soccer game. FIFA has dominated all since I've been east. So much cheering. Not so much in Ottawa, but Montreal was bonkers for it. Ottawans are enjoying it all politely, it seems. Diplomats one and all.




i prayed so very hard for rain and cooler weather, and the last few days have been very beautiful. next few days full of lots of visiting with old friends and eating food with them. good good. computer batter very low and cord in other room and me too lazy to plug in...so wanted to say feeling much better and still promising to write more and longer later. promises, promises.







i am a puddle of sweat and baby powder. a soggy teacake. i miss my rainforest. hell, i miss the air conditioned van i was in a few hours ago. oh, god. i have this heat rash that started a few days ago in montreal, it calms down when i have a cold shower, but right now i am the grossest mess of itchy red bumps. i am wearing my most uncomfortable pair of cranky pants. I gotta get off the computer, actually, becuase it is, in fact, on my lap, where a laptop should be, but it's fucking hot, so it's not helping anything. a million hot needles are pricking me all over my body. my kingdom for a 24 hour pharmacy and some lanacane! i'd sell my soul to the devil for a breeze. go jump in something if you think you're getting the fun montreal stories right now. i'm jumping in another cold shower. 3rd today! sheesh.

first show went well here tonight, and i schmoozed my way into a standup gig on wednesday, so that's good. schmoozing. sheesh.

oh, god, hot laptop! i gotta go. more once i've found a tub of ice to sit in.



I dangle a carrotte

I know, I KNOW! Here I am in Montreal, and all this crazy fun stuff is happening, and I haven't said a damned word about it. I plan to, I honestly do, but we've been busy little beavers. Lot's of intrigue surrounding our technical rehearsal yesterday, and having it out with the Fringe bigwigs over their lack of professionalism....oh, God, and Dave Shumka is the reason my laughing muscles are so sore.

I know I said this about Toronto when I was there last year, but I want to live here. People look you right in the eyes here, and no one thinks I'm crazy for talking to strangers. Last night walking home a very handsome frenchman told me I was "tres jolie". Hurray Montreal!

More soon, I promise.


Worse than none at all.

What a gig last night. Such a good set at El Cocal. I love doing shows there because every time I do it brings me back to myself, to what I know is funny. Last couple of shows have been...drab, I guess. Not terrible, but not sparkly, and left me scratching my head a bit about what I did wrong. Then El Cocal reminds me that what I did wrong was try to do something not myself. It's better when I just get up and tell my stories, read the room a bit, get to know what they want. Oh, it's just so worth it when there's all that laughing and cheering. Even from thirty people. Yum.

Looks like I may have booked a gig in Montreal...just waiting for confirmation. Very exciting. Keeping my fingers crossed for Ottawa, too. Oooooh...I can't stand it!!

Vic Lippucci is going on my list of people to thank when I win something. He hooked up the gig in Montreal, so huzzah to him. It's very heartening when people are willing to put themselves out for you. It makes me want to work that much harder, that's for sure.

I'll tell you what makes me want to work even harder, watching Erica Sigurdson perform lately. That girl is on fire, she is working so hard and getting so good. I mean, she was already good, but she is tearing it up these days. Makes me want to get there, too. Work worky work work.

That's your taste of honey for today. I gotta clean up my room.