It's A Beautiful Day For A Revolution

I Occupied Vancouver today. Or is it Occupy Vancouvered?  Here are some things that happened.

First we ate at the Re:Up BBQ Cart. Pulled pork and bacon with sauce and bacon...oooh...and some sweet tea to wash it down.  After all, we couldn't protest poverty and hunger on empty stomachs.

No pictures of the food, it just got ate too damn fast.

This is my kind of drum circle.

We are protesting all kinds of things today.

They are smiling because I just told them that I will use the picture to prove to my out of town friends how handsome Vancouver cops are.

This woman is occupying some revolutionary shoes.

Waiting for the iPhone 5.

It was a VERY peaceful protest.

You can tell it's ironic because of how tight his pants are.

After I took this picture he let me cup his balls.

The soles of Darren's shoes are perfect. It's like he didn't protest at all!

Main Street Occupies Vancouver

The wind got pretty cold, so we walked down to Gastown to occupy Re:Volver for a while and have a coffee, but it was very occupied already, so we occupied the St. Regis hotel bar for a pint and a warm, leathery booth.

My favourite sign I saw all day said, "You can still be rich, just not THAT rich".  Which I think pretty much sums it up.

Good job, everyone!


What I Am Doing With My Life.

Whatever I want, no kidding. A friend and I were swigging whiskey into the wee hours at an art opening at Save On Meats the other night, (the air was full of pork), and this friend, who likes to get a bit loud and to the marrow of things, wanted to know my life's ambition. Immediately I said, "I want my own show." So we discussed ways of getting me to New York City to do it. It was exciting, and all future vision, etc. Over the course of the next bits of conversation I twice had realizations and further distilled my life's ambition, arriving finally at "I just want to do my thing." We both understood at the same time that I have actually achieved said ambition and am very happily doing my own thing. We high fived. It was probably four in the morning by then, so we ate the last remaining olives, swigged our last remaining whiskey, and swaggered on out into the Downtown Eastside night, elated with knowing we were in the right place, at the right time.