Destiny's Child, Sept 10th!! Woohoo!!

Good show tonight at Darby's. I wrote a new joke right before I went on stage and tried it and it totally went over, so that was awesome.

Remember when I used to be erudite and interesting? I am finding this blog to be seriously lacking in heart lately. What the hell? I think I am feeling very protective of myself. Huh. Neat. Apparently it's making me stupid. God, what if I'm like Sampson and my power was all in my hair???

I am feeling oddly and particularly prescient tonight. I was at the Jupiter watching some comedy and all of a sudden was compelled to leave. Like, right then. I walked towards my car and promptly ran into two old, dear friends. I would have missed them if I hadn't walked past just then. I didn't think that much of it. But THEN....I was calmly watching television, minding my own business, when I had a hankering for a peanut butter sandwich. I went into the kitchen to make it and spotted my cell phone on the counter. This was at about 12:45am. I looked at the phone and thought, "someone is calling me soon, I better turn the ringer off so as not to wake Chris and Katrin". So I turned off the ringer and went back to the couch. Um, with a sandwich, also. Delicious, in case you were wondering. Shortly after, I decided it was bed time, (where you now find me), and went to get my phone and it had, indeed been ringing. I knew I was going to get some kind of late night crazy phone call today. It's not even a full moon. I have theories on prescience as related to emotional experience and being receptive to the ability....blah, blah, blah, right?

I'm kind of missing Sean today. I think about him, but I miss his body today. I mean, his whole presence. It's possible that the presence of a warm body might be more what I miss than specifically Sean, I'm not sure I can untangle the two feelings right now. Which may actually be some sort of indicator to myself that I should not be getting romantically led astray.

I am marinating in sleep. Nighty night.


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