There's this cow, see...

There's this cow, see. And the cow, it's in a doctor's office. It's sitting on the exam table, leaning forward, chin jutted earnestly, eyes bugging out, looking so worried and so hopeful and a bit desperate. The cow, it's got a huge cowbell around it's neck.

The doctor is standing there, looking so weary. He's holding a little hammer that you use to check reflexes, and he's tired, man. So tired. Don't forget, now, that the cow has this big bell around it's neck.

So the doctor says to the cow, with the weariness of the world, really, and he says, to the bell-wearing cow, he says,

"Yeah. That ringing in your ears? I think I can help you with that."

And that's the Zen lesson for today.

With Love and Gratitude,