What was she thinking?

I have gone off the rails. Two days ago I cut my own hair. Are you listening? I CUT MY OWN HAIR. I have never cut my own hair. It was out of control and depressingly fried and I'm so poor...I just couldn't take the hideousness and I grabbed my sewing scissors and chopped. It is considerably shorter now, and cute as heck, and totally even. In four minutes, with sewing scissors no less, I gave myself a haircut you cannot tell did not come from a salon. I am pretty proud. And very grateful, as I am well aware it could have gone very, very badly.

Shows in Bellingham went really well. Especially last night, we has so much fun. For the first time we tried Gorilla Theatre played with a theme and it was great. We are really aiming for our shows to be more a night of theatre than a night of improv games, so that gives us lots of leeway to try things that aren't happening in other improv theatres. Very satisfying show. I'm finding it hard sometimes to go back and forth between improv and standup, they are so different. Plus it kind of takes it out of me to do the Bellingham gigs, then I have to give up on things like my standup show tonight, due to needing to be at work at 8:30 tomorrow morning and this being my only day off. I have to have a day in my life where I don't work or do shows. Just one. It might be Fridays, though I suspect that Sundays is really the one. Balance, balance.

I'm going to lie down. Later we can discuss my ridiculous night last night. As I was dry heaving into the toilet I just kept thinking, "this is the worst night of my life", which is certainly not true, but just then I will say that I felt worse than I have...well....when did I feel worse...can't think of a time since I was 14. But pneumonia was bad, as was strep throat. God, though, I thought someone slipped me pcp or something last night I was such a mess. Very classy.


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