Wow...my whole body has been put through the ringer the last couple of days. Was working for a catering company at these two big outdoor events. Many many many many racks of glasses and dishware, big tables to carry. Hours and hours of heavy lifting and running and running. Sore, but feels good, too. Like I just finished the biathalon at the olympics. Sometimes I forget that my body really likes physical work. Chop wood, carry water, all that. It steps up to the plate and responds, my body does. I like a good sweat, you know?

The events were for a group called BALLE BC, (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), who are a group of business people devoted to sustainable local economies. Very interesting people. Diverse, smart, senses of humour. It was a pleasure to work an event where the guests didn't treat us like the help. I chatted with lots of the guests and, in fact, knew lots of people there. The second night David Suzuki spoke, and it was wonderful. He has this remarkable knack for giving you a very tangible sense of how deeply in crisis we are, but then leaves you feeling like you have the power to help change things. Like, if everyone just does something tiny, together we will do something big. So don't get overwhelmed, just do something tiny. He was basically addressing the relationship between economy and the environment, and reminding us of the dangers of thinking of economics as a science instead of a belief system, which is what it is. It was encouraging, that's for sure. Raffi played, too, but his music sucks.

Me and my stepmother talked about my dad for, like, an hour and a half this morning. It was good, we had such a great talk, but hard, too. I miss him like crazy. This whole divulgence of the identity of Deep Throat would have been right up our alley. Not to mention Belinda Stronach and the BC election, and the Sponsorship inquiry. Well, this is just a very juicy political time and I wish he were around to get into it. Why did we fight so much, we liked all the same things? Weird. The more I do, the more I think he'd like me, and now I'm getting kind of grumpy that he's not around to be my friend. Plus, it's father's day on Sunday next. I'm not really loving the tenterhooks, not knowing how it's going to feel. I feel very anxious about it. I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about a lot of things lately, mostly about my dad and about money. Bleah.

I gotta go to sleep. My brain is all over the map just now.


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Michael L said...

Old as i am i know that feeling about how it would be better now. Feel it often. sometimes I think that it is better now and that everything that needs to be known is known...but then, that's me. Deep Throat, huh...I thought about Phil when I heard the news. Be well