this one's boring

Interesting set last night at Jupiter...very small crowd, quiet show, and then I had a great time. I did about ten minutes, which is longer than usual, and it was awesome. I think longer on stage is better for me. I was much more physical than usual, pacing around the stage more, and I gave a big ol' yell when I first came out. It was altogether a great experience to have before the competition tonight. I feel pretty confident...and also like if I get too confident I'll blow it. So I'm walking a fine line.

I'm thinking seriously about getting out of bed soon, what with it being 1:30 in the afternoon. My body clock is all fucked up. I've been up 'til all hours...my work schedule is all erratic due to accomodating fellow worker, and also my other paying gigs, so I haven't actually worked in a week, so I have been on my own little schedule. Which makes me know all over again that if left to my own devices I would mostly be awake at night. I have got to find a way to only be writing and performing for a living. I'm tired of having other jobs. So, that's my new goal. Can she do it? Oh, I think she can.


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