Who wears short shorts?

Gots me a job, yo. Deliverin' the flowers to the peeps what ordered 'em, or the peeps what didn't, but what the other peeps, the first group of peeps, ordered 'em for the second group of peeps, what will be surprised by them, the flowers, not the first group of peeps...ah, crap.

That's me in the Tercedes, rockin' out, makin' people smile. Don't have to cowtow, or answer phones or dress up or pander to any minionesses. But do get to have fresh flowers in my car smellin' the joint up all purty like. Plus, me n' my pally who also works there are going to kind of job share. Very convenient.

I like-a work-a. Me happy.

Anybody else want to give me any work? Like, stage managing? That's what I'll be looking for while I drive them bloomin' things around.

Oh, and, hopefully playing tonight in the improv show. And, a little guest spot in a fringe show. And maybe some other tricks up my sleeve, things I cannot speak of here...all will be revealed.


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