Napoleon Dynamite

If you haven't seen this movie yet....GO. Run, do not walk. Oh, my, GOD it was funny. Such attention to detail, both in the direction and the performances. Amazing characterization. It's nearly impossible to think of these actors as anything but the characters they portrayed. Blah blah. What are you doing still reading this? Go see the movie. For serious. I can't emphasize this enough.

After seeing Napoleon Dynamite I felt very surreal, like all things I knew to be true were at once proven and disproven. This is a strange state to walk around in. I had to make myself a very plain dinner and watch very plain television to ground myself...but when that didn't work I wrote comedy instead.

Speaking of which, I want you all to know that in September it is my plan to get back on the ol' comedy train and start performing regularly again. I will post all my show dates and times here so you can check 'em out. If you know about this journal. If you don't, you're not here right now so the hell with ya.

Have I mentioned that my little brother rocks the mike? I just wanted to say that. He's awesome. I think you all know that about the Jesse. THE Jesse. There is no other Jesse like him. Anywhere. He makes me laugh and cry and think and wrassle. The kid's got spunk. He also loved Napoleon Dynamite. I think people like us really relate to the lead. So nerdy, so loveable, so cocky.

I am now off to email some resumes, cull my book collection, (selling stuff!!), set up my 'puter and make a writing nook downstairs, take out the recycling and do the dishes. Oh, right, shower and go see Bourne Supremacy. Plus I might see if Warren is available for hilarity this afternoon. Then I think I'll go to the Urban Well to watch the excellent improvisors there. Maybe even talk about gettin' on stage there in Sept. Hm. I better focus. That might be two days worth of things to do.

Oh, yeah. I watched Siobhan defend her thesis today. Woohoo, Shoone!! I am so proud. She made a powerpoint presentation and the last page of it was her thank yous and I was on it. I couldn't figure out why, but then Ginnie pointed out to me that were Team Moral Support. Siobhan is soooo cool and smart. I am lucky and grateful to be friends with her. She has awesome hair.



Anonymous said...

How was Bourne Supremacy? I've heard mixed things 'bout it.

Is is worth my $11.95?

Infidelia said...

didn't see it yet. saw napoleon dynamite instead. but will report back re bourne. thinking of afternoon matinee today...what with the rain.

melons said...

woot! i finally got on this damn thing!

Napolean Dynamite is one of those films that gets funnier the more you think about it.

Bourne Supremacy was good but the best scene in the movie (the fight scene) was obscured by shaky camera work. I was not impressed with the inability to make heads or tails of the action.

by the way, you can see these films for $9 if you go to the right cinema. for example, i saw Colateral at Capitol 6 and it was $9 as it is every night!