Good job, Blanche.

I love the job. I'm so happy. I had a great day yesterday. Just pick up de flowers and den deliver de flowers. So much left over for other pursuits. (Rrrowrrr, baby, what's your name?)

No, seriously...props up to Lesley and Sarah May for the chain reaction, so happy to be working again.

Anyway, yesterday my whole car smelled like flowers all day. They do really nice work at this joint. One time the address was wrong, so that was fun, but I'm pretty smart, so I tracked the right one down. Logic, you see. Another time the elevator in the building was broken and the delivery was on the 10th floor. Yup, 20 flights of stairs later...the lady felt bad and tipped me 4 bucks. I was laughing so much by the time I got to the top...I don't know, it just seemed so funny. It was one tiny orchid and I had to go up all these stairs, like it was an emergency, or something. The laughing made me have to stop at the 9th floor for a minute, winded. I mean, the combination of the laughing and the realizing that I am waaaay out of shape. I knew that, but I was avoiding situations that would make it glaringly obvious. No longer. Probably a good thing.

Then, the last delivery of the day was out to Crescent Beach. Damn, so pretty out there. But then it meant I had to come back into town at 4 on a Friday afternoon. It took almost 2 HOURS (are you listening???) to get back into Vancouver. So, at 3:30 I was thrilled with the job, by 5:30 I was pret-ty cran-ky. Which I later took out on someone who didn't deserve it, so that was nice of me.

I'm keeping the job, though, traffic and all, because I can dress however I want, and I hardly have to talk to anyone, and I can listen to music all day, and, actually, the exercise of running all over the place is prrret-ty prrret-ty gude.

I'm going to get a haircut. So there.


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