I'm becoming a cat person.

Sleepy Plimp 2
Sleepy Plimp 2,
originally uploaded by aktnir.
Our house during the day. Sometimes it's the cat...sometimes me or Chris. But you get the general idea. Ahhhh.

Poor Plimp has such a rough life. She caroused last night until 6am, fighting with neighbourhood cats...if you knew Plimp and what a fraidycat she is, you'd know how hilarious it is that she stayed out all night. Usually jumps when you reach for the remote control.



Anonymous said...

Keep in there!
I hope that isn't the bike I spent last summer carrering around the city on cause if it I'm going to kick ass!


Fitz said...

Bike? What bike?

BTW, I'm glad you ointed out that that was the cat's TOE, because, you know, it could have been something else...

Fitz said...

Oh, the bike that was stolen in a previous post, I see...