Quitter's Remorse

Ooooh, I feel sort of sick. This isn't the victory I was hoping for!! Maybe once I'm sure I have a new job I'll settle these roiling stomach acids.

On a different note, I saw, accompanied by the lovely Miss Georgia and accidentally the dashing Mr. Adam, La Dolce Vita. Yes, the Fellini classic. Um....I was bored. Ok, not every second, because it's very beautiful, and written with truth and poetry, and the performances are gorgeous...yet....bored. It may be Fellini's tendency to not tell a story and to shed characters like he would shed a tuxedo on prom night. Anyway, I can tick it off my list. I'd like to own the DVD and watch individual scenes whenever I felt like it. Kind of like reading anything Milan Kundera has written. (Oh, lookit me show off my smarties).

It rains and rains. Lovely. Ironically, the best time to have outdoor fires....in an Alanis Morisette kind of sense of ironic.



Fitz said...

Hey Lady, sorry to hear you've been driven out of a job by some Cathy* with a personality disorder. Mind you, it gives you more time for stand-up! Yay!

Speaking of classic films, I just saw Les Soeurs de Belleville. Not one yet, but soon to be. I think you'll love it!

BTW, should I not use your real name here?


(* ref: Kids in the Hall)

Infidelia said...

Fitzy....I'm assuming most who are here know who I am...but...for the time being and for the sake of, sigh, intrigue, yes, don't use my real name.

Plus, The Triplets of Belleville is AWESOME! Awesome. (Heh, heh)