Graham Clark Eats Graham Crackers! Film at eleven!

I'm trying to write this right now, but the computer is next to someone who is sleeping on our couch, so I'm trying to type quietly. This is a very difficult task. I may need to type in some kind of shorthand code.

Soon need thing room boy sleeps. Sneak. No wake. Nice boy. No wake.

Nope, leaving out words doesn't help.

Ok, sneaking in there now for thing I need. TV is in there, too, dammit. Now I'm going to have to read, or something. Oh, reading's for nerds!


Special shout out to my main man GC, hosterly with the mosterly, duuuude!

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aktnir said...

WATCH OUT FOR ARTHUR! He's snuggled deep into Colin's blankets, and you might not see even his big ol' brown eyes peering out at you... but if you go sneaking in there, he's bound to growl & jump up. Then he'll try to lick you with his dirty dirty tongue.