The Beach is Beck...

...and she even does impressions!

Yep, apparently I do a pretty good George Dubya. Read on.

Oh, I'm so excited right now! After tonight's Swordplay show, (which you should see, if I haven't already made that clear), I played in the FREE improv show directly following. It is the first time I have performed as an improvisor for a couple of years and it was AWESOME!! I have been reluctant to get back up there and do it because my parting experiences with the form were less than friendly. I sort of had all my good improv qualities beat out of me, but now I feel like I'm back to where I like to be with it. It helped that I was playing with great improvisors that I really admire, it made me feel supported, like I could trust that no matter what happened someone would be there to catch me. As it turns out, they didn't have to. I'm going to do it again very soon. So watch this space for upcoming dates and times!!

Mmmmm....I'm going to have such a good sleep.

Thank you Diana, Penelope, Roger, Nick and Ian for a sweet little reunion with a long lost love.


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