9 days and counting

Monday morning. Mmmm. Monday. Can't you feel the Monday?

Ian says I should write about things I find funny or things that piss me off in this blog. I can see his point. Those are kind of the things that people like to read about, right? It's no good complaining, or making laundry lists. Although, it's kind of interesting to look at people's lists. I like knowing what people find important to write down. For instance:

Things to do today:

-Loan Morgan car
-Be at work and look present
-Write in blog (Hey!! Lookit me go!!)
-Email dad
-Go to Ian's office and pick up the cd's for the sound cues for Swordplay, the brilliant show you are all going to come and see because it's healthy to laugh your tush off.
-Solidify date for Shoone's birthday party, then invite people.
-Look into Shoone's present..(ha, you'd like it if I put down what it is, wouldn't you, Siobhan, you sly devil)
-Practice banjo (honestly)


The best thing is that I'm going to get back to comedy, and the material I've gathered at this job...oooh, people should be careful with me or they'll find themselves on the sharp end of a pointy joke. Hee hee hee hee.

Please go to swordtheplay.com and find out where you need to be...


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