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Hello! Wanted to let you know that I am feeling much better. Have I already told you that? I am very, VERY appreciative of all of your kind words and pithy observations the last while. You all kept me afloat, for sure. I feel like my chemistry has evened out somewhat, though my ass continues to grow. I did, however, just download the application form for free parks board passes for low incomites, like me, and am very excited about starting up a swimming regime for the first time in years. I need a physical release every day. I wanted to get a yoga pass, but I actually think that getting my heart rate up will make me happy. I miss swimming. It's the thing my body responds to the most quickly. Well, that and kissing, but that's a whole other ballgame.

Still feeling a bit leery of my comedy, but I suspect that disciplining myself as a writer is going to go a long way towards making me relax in that department. Convincing everyone who books rooms that I'm serious about it is harder, though, so I'm putting on my game face and picking all the comics' brains to see who will take me on tour with them as their opener, and how I take the next steps in this world.

Went back up to the Okanagan on Thursday, just overnight, and woke up yesterday to snow snow snow. God, I miss the snow. I miss the soft sounds and soft lighting and cool air in my lungs and layers and layers of clothes and the smell of wood smoke and cozying up during a blizzard. However, what I DON'T miss, I discovered yesterday, is driving on the motherfucking Coquihalla highway when the snow is falling. It was mayhem and I almost got into a serious accident. There were cars everywhere, spinning off the road, sliding into the ditch, and we were nearly one of them. Went into a spin, but kept my head and steered into the skid and didn't lock up the brakes and didn't hit the little blue car next to us, but I don't know how I managed to miss it. I did go sideways into the median, though, but luckily for me there was lots of snow piled up against it so no damage to the car. Phew. Bit of a task, driving back.

Am back in my house now, after time away at the Caravan, and time housesitting for a week at my stepmother's, and even though everything is in the exact state is was when I left, I am calmer about it. Just remembering to breathe deeply seems to help. And keeping myself busy with my work. It's all just perspective, right?

So...Monday...finding a job. Going to temp, I hope. Unless anyone else has anything else they need done? I gotta work. For my sanity as much as for my pocketbook. (I don't have a pocketbook, I have a jar, but still...) Soooooo.....looking for work, people....looking for work. Have been sending out lots of resumes and stuff this fall, but nothing has really come of it. I think temping is the best option for me, flexible and variable. I miss delivering flowers, a lot, makes me wish I still had a working vehicle. Have been contemplating the possibility of going to the Caravan to work on the winter show, but I think it's too long away from comedy. Oh, right, actually, I have shows booked the 9th and 16th of December, so can't do it anyway! Hurray for me for having a reason for something!

Now I'm leaving to go to my friend's house for dinner...she is making LOBSTER TAILS!! God, I love having friends in the film catering business. Sweeeeet.

Remember how I always cut my own hair? I have really gone too far this time. Wednesday I got seriously overzealous with the sewing scissors and gave myself "The Mental Patient". It looked good in the Okanagan, where it's so dry that my hair does cool rock n' roll messy things, but the humidity here in Van makes it...erm...slightly ridiculous. I think. Friends maintain that it's not so bad, but I think it's because of my current trick of wearing big hoop earrings. These hoops make everything kind of look ok. I remember that from the early 90's when I never left the house without hoops. It's like I've gone backwards to find myself again so I can move forwards.

So. Swimming, working, writing and possibly one other thing that I can't talk about yet.

Oh, right, AND, on November 20th I've been asked to host and emcee a great event called "Threads of Gastown" at the Alibi Room. It's a fashion event and all the proceeds go towards the Downtown Eastside Women's Shelter's program, WEAVE. (Women Engaged in the Arts - Vision and Empowerment). It's going to be an excellent evening, and I LOVE hosting things, and it's a great cause, so...check out the link over there ====> and get deets from my Myspace site. Love to see any of you there.

And, in case you were wondering, I'm fucking THRILLED about the American midterm election results, not to mention the fallout. See ya, Rummy! (I'm sure Gates is no picnic, but at least he's a seasoned strategist). It was a pleasure to watch Bush be a bit humbled. Of course, the Democrats aren't as funny as the Republicans, so that's a blow to comedy everywhere, but I think it's a fair price to pay.

Be kind to each other, y'all.

Peace, tenderness....


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your favorite idiot said...

hey there...
cutting yer own hair? mmmm, not a great idea. i only do that when i actually dig out the clippers and cut 'er down to a number one.
glad you're feeling better.