Gumboots and snowboard socks. The winter footwear of champion west coasters.

There is snow here. Snow snow snow. I love the way everything moves in slow motion in the snow. I also love how this is just winter everywhere else in Canada, but here, a major event. Major enough to be news on the national CBC. Oh, the Ceeb. A friend has recently introduced me to a show called "The Great Eastern". If you don't know of it, you should really check it out. I'll post the link over there. ---> You know the spot. Funny and smart.

This same friend has been trying to help me get up and running on soulseex, or whatever the hell it's called. I can't quite get it to work.

You know what. I thought I was feeling articulate, but I'm not. Oooh, my brow was all furrowed and I didn't realize it 'til just now. I relaxed it and suddenly..peace. I had a sort of boyfriend once who used to press his thumb between my eyebrows, and make me untense there. He said it was impossible to be anxious when you stayed relaxed there. He was right. I use that a lot.

What on earth is she anxious about now? Oh, for Christ's sake. What amn't I worried about. It's good good to have work. There is a deadline looming for something, and I am a bit anxious about that. Trying not to be stupefied into inactivity. Big days tomorrow and Wednesday, trying to meet that deadline. I think it will entail leaving my house to get the writing part of it done. It is soooooo easy to get distracted in my room. Anyway, I've blabbed to a few people about this thing, which I want very badly, but think that it's really the application that's important. Putting together a self promotion package.

This is one of those moments. Where I am on the verge of something, and could really set myself back by not really trying, or I could just do the thing and do it well, and then no matter how it turns out, I am further ahead because at least I did the thing.

It is cold in my room. Haven't finished all the construction yet, so no heater. Although, not as cold as I thought it would be. But cold enough that this bed would be nice with someone else in it. Form a protective layer of heat between us and that icy night. Mmmm. That's a nice thought. The kind of thought that makes it very, very easy not to furrow my brow.

Just think about nice things, lady.

(I almost called myself by my own name there, and it was WEIRD. I don't think I have ever uttered my own name on this blog and it was alarming to see it almost entirely spelled out. I got the first letters down, but not the last letter. I stopped and erased it. It's like saying Rumplestiltskin or Betelgeuse, or something. Something would HAPPEN. I know most of you know who I am, but...God, I can't put my finger on it. But I couldn't do it. I just couldn't use my name.)

Just think about nice things and everything will be okay. Try to flood your own brain with seratonin. On an as needed basis. Train myself to release happy juice. (Oooh, my kingdom for some red wine and chocolate)

Countdown to winter in the woods. Feeling excited, except for the part where I think I'm going to be underdressed. I all of a sudden have no puffy coat and no winter boots. I'm going to have to take a serious look at things. Layers. I have more than one puffy vest, so that's good. And many, many layers. Fleece is nice, but sometimes it's so dry up there that fleece gets staticky.

Why on earth am I talking about static cling.

I had the weirdest conversation with someone on the phone today. A fellow comic, who's on tour right now. I was sort of hoping he'd be back, because he's got access to a tape of a set of mine that I'd like...so I phoned him, and he answered, and I said who it was...(he knows me, that's important in this story)...so I said who I was and there was this long pause. Long. Bank line up long. Then he says, "Okay". And the tone made it sound like "Am I supposed to know? Or care?". And he was like that the whole conversation. It was awkward as hell. Comics are so awkward.

Do you guys know how much I love comedy? I love it so much. A girl at work (I know, it sounds weird even to me), was asking me today about my influences and stuff. And I had so much fun just thinking about all the comedy I listened to growing up, and what I liked about them as a kid, and what I like about them now.

So. Tomorrow. Just send me smart vibes, wouldja?



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I know that feeling of procrastination. I usually get that way when I need to do something challenging on the tablesaw, like something that puts my fingers closer to the blade than I like. I often walk around the shop and find other things to do until I run out of time. Then I just do the cuts, and I always find that it wasn't so bad and I would have saved a bunch of time if I had just done it in the first place.