A gem of a day.

Hmm. What to say. I kept putting off an entry for no good reason. Have been wanting to regale you with details of my emergence from under the dark cloud that has been plaguing me of late. Now I have left it 'til I am under eider and the sweet sweet duvet is calling me towards sleeeeeeep. Have had so much red wine in the past two weeks, it is catching up with me. Plus, getting myself back on sleep track and not staying up until 5am might be good. Oh, I am not making any sense whatsoever. I will detail slap you in the next couple of days, but know that I am feeling rosier and I think the ol' magic is back. Feel back in myself, remembering that comedy is fun, and that it's a better show when I have fun. Good sets, new material, relaxed hips...all good. Same struggles exist, but so does perspective and deep breathing. Of course, I have not been at home in the past couple of weeks, either, and that may be making all the difference in the world. I can't wait 'til the renos are done and we can all find out if that is truly what is making things so tense around there.

My darling friend Jane suggested that myself and her pal Garnet may hit it off, so he and I emailed for a bit, commented on each other's blogs and whatnot, and finally met in person today. Was a really nice thing. He is smart, he thinks he is grumpy but he wasn't today, and he claims to hate people but his life is full of them, and he was kind and funny and took a picture of me and put it on his blog, where he said nice things about me and my brain, and I liked that, too. Good day, if rainy. Rain! I think it has begun in earnest, the rain. I hope I am wrong. Although, wearing a hat and keeping the water off my glasses makes it not seem so bad. We'll see if I'm still singing the same tune in March.

How am I going to avoid Christmas this year? Any suggestions?


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your favorite idiot said...

don't blow my cover...i do hate people. love jane, love those who have become part of the inner circle. and i'm not that smart, just a great actor who has retained some sense of fancy words and their meanings.
good coffee and good conversation yesterday. really. even if that woman had the nerve to steal my paper. i shall regail you with stories once again soon i think...i have many boring stories i have told over and over to my old friends, i need a new audience, perhaps you, to tell them all over again to. i'm an idiot, to be sure, but i can weave a tale worthy of a few drinks.