Oh, yay. Another storm on it's way. I love rain. Love it love it love it.

Remember last night when I was feeling like all was right with the world and stuff? That was a nice, fleeting moment.

Comedy is making me angry again. Got bumped from Yuk's tonight, even though I would have done it even though I can feel myself coming down with something. Bumped from Balthazar last night. Trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Fighting my way upstream right now, wish I felt like anyone took anything I did seriously.

Wish I had some food in the fridge. Zip zap zam, I just did a Jeannie...nope, nuthin'. Huh, guess I'll have to go to the STORE!! What? Groceries? I hardly know how to pronounce it, much less go get some of it.

I think I am a bit grrrrrrrumpy having spent all, (I'm not kidding, it's been 8 hours), day reformatting my resume and sending out applications for jobs. If people want you to apply online I think they should be more responsive about it. The temp agency I keep applying to is ignoring me. I'm going down there tomorrow and give them a piece of my mind. Of course, that piece of my mind will consist of a paper copy of my resume and my best sucking up speech ever. Sigh.

Excuse me, I gotta get outta the house before I break someone's accordian.

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