Fighting the bug.

Okay. Am okay. Am eating garlic on toast, (two raw cloves in an effort to fight the bug), listening to hilarious and excellent "Ideas" on CBC radio. It's about the phallus in ancient Greece and Rome. Boy, if you thought men were obsessed with their members nowadays...wowsers. I'll tell you this, there's a lot of tittering going on amongst the people on this program. You'd think they could make an hour about penises and male sexuality on CBC without all these grownups covering their mouths and giggling every ten seconds. Interesting info, though.

One clove down. Ooh, can feel that in the belly. Whew. Nobody better come in my room in the next 12 hours. Stinkeroo.

So I was grouchy, but I just had to remember that I like my time alone and rest and not get sick. Yeah, no sickness. Or, rather, no MORE sickness.

And there you have it.


Susan D. said...

You know how people always say, "I don't watch TV, but I love CBC radio?" I HATE CBC radio. For exactly that simpering, knowing, fist-in-cheek yet clueless twinkle you refer to. Finally! Someone other than your dad has voiced my somewhat shallow yet fervent opinion! I hate it, hate it.

And you know what I really hate? When they do "hipster" oriented programming like things with Sook-Yin Lee or hoary old has-beens like David Gilmour or Ian What's-Hi-Puss. Not Ian HandsomeManThing, but that other Ian, the pale and whitely glistening Man Child that is the Globe's new answer to Richard Ford, they wish. Oh, grrrrrr don't get me started. Oh wait, I already started myself. I'd really better go now.

more SD said...

I've calmed down, re. Ian What's- His-Puss. But still, what I really want to know now is, if I have to be a widow, why can't Daniel Craig be my boyfriend? I mean, if we have to lose the loves of our lives, can't we at least get to choose who will be our next boyfriends?

I'm just saying.

love SD