Well, last night was hilarious. Emceed and hosted a fashion show/fundraiser. A whole new scene, man. There were hors d'oeuvres...and do you know what I saw??? Models...EATING! Of course, there was a really long line for the women's washroom..(ooh, zing!) I told a bunch of model/eating disorder jokes last night, they seemed to go over pretty well. At first there was a bit of oohing, but then I said, "oh, are you guys feeling sorry for the models?" and they were all like, "yeah", and I was like, "because they've been such a marginalized people for so long?", and they were all, "...hahahahahahaha". So, I won them over. The microphone apparently ran on a 9 volt battery and it was dying as the show started, so, that's always good for a comic. A scratchy mike that's hard to hear. Sweet. Didn't stay for the party, couldn't quite stomach it. Packed in there. Good news was the show was short. Kept it moving.

Had to turn down work today. Had to make some smart decisions with regards to longer term planning. Could have taken jobs which started right now, but with very little long term usefullness, and would have conflicted with jobs that I have to wait a week or two for, but which will inevitably lead to future comforts.

Am going to the Caravan for the winter show there, so I'll be out of Vancouver around December 7th or so. Depending on how I plan to get there. How, indeed! Let's all keep our fingees crossed it's not going to be the Greyhound, but I bet it is. Whee. I gotta get all my winter gear together, too. Hm. Whatever shall I wear? It has just come to my brain that I don't actually have winter boots anymore. I wore out my Sorrels and my Emus. Hm. I suppose I could get some liners for my gumboots.

Sorry, that was the inside of my head for a second. Remember how pretty my writing has been lately on this blog? Yeah, remember that? Today, not so much.

Have a show at Yuk Yuk's tonight. 3 1/2 hours away and my tummy's already making a bit of a spectacle of itself...roiling around in there. Calm down, tummy!! We'll be funny! It'll be okay! Sheesh. It's only 5 minutes of my life. What can possibly go wrong? Ha. Ha. Ha.

I think I'll try to do the material about models. I enjoyed that. I wonder if it will translate. I gotta go and figure it out.



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