Oh, and...

Just kind of forgot to mention that tonight, November 3rd, was the second anniversary of my dad dying. I was just reading some of the blog entries I made from that time. I think it's time to address this with therapy. I mean, there's grief in all it's forms, and I think I'm through the most crippling of the sadness, but I haven't even begun to deal with the experiences of his illness. The years of deterioration, and the horrors of the last few weeks. There are moments I have tried to revisit, and literally my chest convulses and I have to think of something else. I must remember that these memories are in my cellular structure now, and even if my brain doesn't realize what happened at this time of year, my body does.

Anyway, that is all.

Peace, kindness.



domesticallydisabled said...

i know that feeling...all too well. one thing i have learned... you do have to deal...eventually. hugs j.

cradman said...

I know that feeling to. It's a cold comfort, but you are not alone. Losing someone is a club that everybody joins sooner or later. Time heals, but it lasts a lot longer than any of the tv movies would suggest.

I am coming to kelowna tommorrow.