Don't burn those babies.

Listen. I am so tired. But so happy. But so tired. I just wanted you all to know that I know you are all here, and I am thinking about this blog and yourselves...but I've been up to my eyeballs lately. So much has been happening, and for various reasons, which I have yet to figure out, I don't seem to need to do this as much. Could be the therapy, or doing so many comedy shows, or the lovely weather...freakishly lovely, actually. It was HOT today, and my driving arm is very, very dark. I am buying some sunscreen tomorrow and going to the naked beach. Mmmmm...naked in the sunshine. If there's a better feeling than having sunshine on your boobies, I don't know about it. (Ok, there is a better feeling, but...second to that is definitely sunshine on your boobies). I may even venture into the cold, cold Pacific Ocean. Brrr. But it'll for sure feel good after getting all hot lying in the sun. Oh, man. I'm going to sleep right now so I can wake right up and get there. Ooooh, Kits pool is open, too....perhaps a swim there is in order. Sadly not naked, though.

Listen, you lot, I'll be back. But don't wait up.


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