Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohio.


Well, well.

Well, well, well.

I am steeling myself for the avalanche of smug that I expect to find pouring down on us like Vancouver's January rain. Cold, endless, dark. Please, please, Ohio, come through for the rest of the world and get those 20 electoral college votes out to Kerry. I mean, it won't seal the deal, but there has to be something that says the American people DON'T want an imbecile for president. Of course, if they do re-elect the punk ass chump, then we will plunged far enough into the dark ages that perhaps the people will realize that fundamental changes are needed, and finally will rise up in earnest. Though that seems less than likely, too. God, I just get seething when I think of Bush's face in the event of victory. Come ON, America. Do the right thing, here. Put the rest of the world out of our misery. Oooooh, it hurts me.

Keep your fingers crossed.

I'll have more personal things to say tomorrow. I don't want to get too deeply into my broken heart tonight. I will say this, though. I feel like I'm on another planet entirely. Like I'm moving through life with surreality glasses on. Slow, everything seems kind of far away. I'm waaaaaaaay inside my head. Strange sensation.

Back to the election. I think I'll have nightmares tonight.

Peace. Kindness.


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