Don't tickle any knickers.

By the way...I'm well aware that I'm completely avoiding the topic of my father's death. Why? Because....blech. Seriously. I have a lot of processing to do...blah, blah, blah.

I think it'll just leak out, like oil from the underbelly of a 1963 Volvo left too long in the long grass.

Slow, is what I'm saying here, folks. Sloooooow.

I just paused at the keyboard for, like, three minutes, staring off into space, thinking I had something very clever to say here. I do not.

I am stalling because I know when I go downstairs I'm just going to play Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas and then it will be so so so so late. But, I'm not quite ashamed and possibly a little bit proud to say, I love this game. It's grotesque and awful and violent and alarming...and very, very cathartic. You should see me work the nightstick.




Sword Play said...

My fav thing to do is go to the net, get the cheat codes and get all the enormous weapons. Nothing like trying to jump a bridge in a tank while firing a rocket launcher at a helicopter to take your mind off things.

Infidelia said...

I ain't ready for cheat codes yet. I'm still happy running around wreaking havoc with my little sticks and guns. Wheeeeeee! Lookit the bloody footprints!! Dance, copper, dance!!

Whew. I'm a meany.


Joe Nobody said...

Just wait till you get a girl friend. It's all over after that.

Anonymous said...

Hola, strong and graceful Frida, fierce and fine with red flowers in her hair and indescribable pain in her heart. I love you very much and am very proud of you. Your courage and clear-eyed suffering in this last month was truly something to behold and gave me more comfort than you will ever know. You've never been more beautiful than you are at this moment.

Not so anonymously, Step-Mum at large, Susan Dee

The Don ® said...

Check out Grand Theft Auto 5 " San Andreas "
with this cheat " R1, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, up, left, down, down, down"

Enjoy.. LOL ;)

Infidelia said...

Thanks for the tip, kid. I'm going downstairs to try it right now. Heh.