George W. Bush killed my dad

Morbid, I know. Oh, well. I am morbid. And macabre. And maudlin. And this is my blog, so I can write what I want, (chin in air in haughty stance).

Anyway, my dad said he'd stay alive for the election, and he did, but then Bush won and that was all the poor man could take.

We lost him at 11:45pm, November 3rd.

Philip Stanley Savath
December 28, 1946 - November 3, 2004
He is missed.

I will write more about the losing of him, it was a remarkable experience, but I can't seem to focus for long right now. In fact, I'm supposed to be in the shower and getting ready to go out, but on the way to do that I sat here. Then I forgot about getting ready. One thing at a time seems to be my speed. If I accidentally get in a conversation on the way to the fridge, there's no hope in remembering what I wanted from said fridge. I just answered the phone and nearly forgot I was doing this.

I'm going for a walk now.

Very surreal days.

Peace. Kindness.




miss sara said...
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miss sara said...

Dear Riel,

I am so sorry about your Dad. Although we lost contact for many years--I still remember the fun times we had with you and your family. When I think of Phil, I think of someone who was very cool, kind hearted, good sweater wearer (don't ask me where that memory comes from, a lot of fun, and a good Dad.

My heart goes out to you. If you ever need/want to talk, feel free to call.

I hope that we can reconnect.

Keep living the full life the way that you are-it is very inspiring.

Love: Sara

Joe Nobody said...

From one who only knows your words, I have little more to give you then condolences. I’ll be listening if you wish to speak.

Altruistic Dad said...

Sorry about the delayed response, but you do have my condolences. My own stepdad is dying of cancer, and he is so embittered by the Bush election that he will no longer allow anybody to discuss politics in his presence.

I can't blame him.