Fog. Funk. Etc.

Two blog entries ago I used the phrase "fog of underachievement", though did not properly credit the author. I have been notified by said author that the phrase was, in fact, "funk of non-achievement". Andy Graffiti, thank you. Although, on re-reading and comparing, I rather like both. I think I'll keep "fog of underachievement", it kind of suits me.

I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm sure it will be fine, but I have such a headache, and I'm worried that all that driving will render me dumb and possibly unsafe. I'll just keep tabs on myself. It will certainly feel good to put a bit of cash in my pocket...yep, that'll be swell.

After work the Stretch'd Mouth Rascals are getting together for a meeting/workout and we will all be in attendance for the first time in weeks. It will be very good to have Jeff back in our ranks and to do a bit of strategizing about the future of the group. We will also discuss and post our Theatre Under the Gun show, which we really haven't examined together since we performed it. It will be the first chance for Jeff to hear about our piece, as well, so that will be exciting. Yay, SMRs!!

What else. People I haven't seen or heard from in years are coming out of the woodwork since Phil died. It's been amazing to reconnect and feel such support. My friend Briana, who I adore but have not spoken with for years, is coming out from NYC to be there for the memorial. This is a woman I have such history with, whose family's is inextricable from mine...it is so emotional knowing she and her parents will be there. I am overjoyed to hear her voice again, it makes me feel safe and loved. I don't think she knows how much I have missed her, but I have already imagined a hundred times the moment when I lay eyes on her again and get to throw my arms around her. I will cry. I know I will cry. I'm so tired of not crying.

I went to see Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason today, (largely boring and choppy), and nearly had a good cry at the end. Maybe I was bored to tears, ha ha.

I need a haircut and a tall pair of sexy black boots. These are the things that would make the winter bearable. That and a really hot love affair. I have two new crushes. Tart!!

Sigh. Fog of underachievement. Funk of non-achievement. Depression due to loss of loved one. Whatever. Bed rules. And the Office. And Arrested Development. The very best television show ever ever made.

Gotta go, Tsarina needs the computer.



Altruistic Dad said...

I'm glad to hear you're going back to work tomorrow. Drive carefully.


melons said...

Sorry you missed the rock show on Friday. Michael was sad you weren't there and I didn't get to use up all the rock I made for the evening. Don't worry. I saved you a piece of rock. It's on a plate in my fridge and should keep for the next week.

In the meantime, this will cheer you up. An issue of Lois Lane where she becomes 'black' to go undercover to get a story.