Pucker Up

Soooo...I'm in a Fringe show. Auditioned, got a part on the spot. Very satisfying. Also got a call from a comic friend of mine today, he wants me on a show he's organizing, a charity event. Very sweet to be asked to do shows. I know I've mentioned it before, but it surprises me when it happens. I think it's only been a few times.

I'll be rehearsing and then performing this show quite a bit, so standup might be a bit slow for a while. One or two shows a week. I'll see how the rehearsal schedule shakes down, man.

Okay, I have grown impatient with the helper elves at Blogger. I'm just turning the commenting back on. In conversation tonight I determined it was my own reaction to the comments that bothered me more than the comments. So. Back to normal. Whew. (Shakes fist at bees).

Sweet dreams, darlings. May you, each and every one of you, be kissed tomorrow.



sean said...

awesome! keep me posted about the fringe show.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, riel-looks like your summer is coming together really nicely. enjoy! -sm

miss sara said...

that was me who wrote as anon. just now and put -sm for my initials. dunno why i did that.