Well, here I am in the country...still....was only supposed to be here for two days, but the day I got here my darling mummy had a very bad fall and broke one of her wrists and sprained the other one. I had to postpone my flight home until this coming Tuesday as she is, well, without hands. Her sprain is getting better, which makes me feel a little better about leaving, and she didn't have to have surgery on her broken wrist, which was very good news indeed.

I have to say, I'm not sad to have a reason to be up here for longer. Though I occasionally hit my patience wall with my mum, she has a hard time letting me take care of her and wants to do more than she is able, it has been lovely to spend so much time with her. There has been some pretty good visiting with friends, as well, a couple of bitchin' parties at the Caravan. Plus there's a cabaret tomorrow night on my mum's property. It's called "The Horse Cabaret" and is outdoors from the evening into the night. Many different acts celebrating people's life with horses. This is major horse country, after all. Anyway, even more friends and family are coming and staying here, so it will be quite an evening. I have to spend all day tomorrow cleaning up my mum's studio, which is an epic task. She paints, is a silversmith and designs sets for the theatre, so there's a lot of stuff, tools, materials, books...stuff...stuff...but she needs to get it done and now really can't do it herself. I cleaned her room and did her laundry already, so that's done.

It was weird when she fell, outwardly I took care of her and was good in the emergency, but it really flipped me out. I think I'm a little nervous about my parents' health now. I had to be reminded that she wasn't sick or dying, she just broke her wrist. But she was so shocked when she fell, and it was pretty spectacular, so she was crying and crying and really embarassed and I held her in my arms until she calmed down and it was like cradling a five year old child. But now she's pretty chipper for the most part and really wants to lift heavy things. I keep having to get stern with her.

I'll be home Tuesday afternoon and back on high speed, this dial up business is nonsense.


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SD said...

Hey lovely, sending some get-well wishes up to God's Country. Mum is lucky to have you and I hope she's making art again really soon.

Big wet ones your way from SD. -- ps I have a tenant now! I think you'll really like him. See you soon, I miss you.