Steady as she goes!

Darlings, just so you know, I am currently in discussions with the helper elves on this site to ascertain whether there is a way of you all becoming members without me having to invite you. If there is not, I will turn regular commenting back on and delete any annoying anonymous ones. Ha! At first I felt like deleting comments was cheating, but I am now over that.

Yesterday I walked up Commercial Drive and it was most definitely SUMMER. I saw an old man, maybe late 70's, saying goodbye to a much taller, pretty young woman. As they hugged he grabbed her ass, but the kind of grab where I swear I saw a couple of fingers go crotchways. It was slightly obscene and terribly amusing. I was wearing a summer dress, finally hot enough, and the Portuguese men were all very appreciative. Vocally appreciative. It was all around a very chatty and social day.

I had a scrabble date and won both the games we played. I swear it's all this online scrabble I've been playing. I'm super smart!

All day long, today, as I was sweatily delivering flowers, I was thinking in very clever prose. And the thoughts were profound. In fact, this has been going on a lot the last few days. The writing in my head is amazing. Somehow, when I get to here, it sort of peters out. Or, rather, I have spent myself on thinking and now have little left to offer. I think I'll start taking my little digital recorder with me in the car, that way I can make sure to record my brilliance for posterity.

On Saturday the flower shop had to floralize FIVE weddings. It was the most insane day. Pandemonium, actually, is the best way to describe it. Utter mayhem. I had no idea there were so many kinds of floral emergencies. All in all the whole day was not organized the way I would have organized it. My boss seems to try to keep all the information for everything in her head, without really disseminating it in any kind of useful way. So if she forgets something, no one can help her to remember. It becomes an emergency later. So. Here's the thing. In two weeks we have TEN weddings on ONE DAY. We, I believe, are going to need some help. People should get in touch with me via email if they would like to be part of the rusty old machine of ours and make some mothers of the brides happy little campers. It's crazy, but it's flowers. Strapping young men with good work ethics and a big smile. Oh, yes, I want my day to be more pleasant, too...so, you know, hence the request for strapping young men. Ladies also welcome. Be ready to lift a lot of things.

I'm off in a few minutes to audtition for a Fringe show. I would LOVE to do a Fringe show this year. It's been a couple of years. I have such a good time being around the festival, so much flirting and the like, you may remember from my descriptions last year. But I like it sooooooo much better when I'm in a show. My presence feels legitimized.

Generally feeling calmer than I have been the last few weeks. Let's all applaud the Gods of pleasantry. I think their names are Seth, Riley and Bowen, (these are the names of my stepmother,s* gardeners).

*NB: Um, please excuse the punctuation error - my apostrophe and slash keys are now french ees. Like this - è or É. I have no idea how this happened. I am stumped and without four precious punctuation marks.

What else....oh yes. I'm going here for the next few days:

Also, if you look back in the blog, there's a picture of the view from my mummy's place, very spectacular. I was bucking for three days of rest in the country, but now I've been hired by my mother to clean her studio. She is swamped getting the Caravan show opened and has an "Art Studio Tour" coming through her place shortly after, so she needs a little help. Oh, well. Working my ass off in the 37 degree heat, no problem, right? Oh, man. I'm gonna come back all emaciated. What will happen to my beautiful breasts!!!

My plan upon my return, other than flowers for TEN weddings, is to get back on stage. It has been very good to take a little time off, but it's back to it next week. So keep your peepers peeled for show updates. And keep reading, because I think I'm going to start writing fiction and stuff here. Actually, I have an idea to start another blog, actually anonymously, even you guys wouldn't know about it, that is erotica. A journal of a love affair. A fictional love affair, (says me). I'm toying with it. I think it would be fun.

So, I don't know if I'll be posting from up there, just because of how much time I'll need to be in the lake when I'm not working, so hear from me next weekish. If you're very, very well behaved while I'm gone, I'll come back with good stories.

I kiss you on both cheeks.


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