Love and other surprises.

I don't even know where to begin.

On the heels of my best standup show ever on Tuesday night I managed to stink up the El Cocal so badly on Wednesday night....really, stinkeroo. I knew it couldn't possibly be as good as Tuesday, and then it was even worse. Was ok, though, I still had fun and had good yaks with fellow comics. Nice to be back on the circuit and feeling very welcomed there. Had a brisk march uphill home which cleared my head and proved to be rather exhiliarating. Fast nighttime walks in the cool damp of an early spring night.

Then the man from the Reef that I gave my card to last week actually called...wants to go out. Then someone else called, (remember the man who made me feel so beautiful in December?) and he's coming back to town. Then mr. married left his wife.

So. I came to Bellingham to do improv with Ryan Stiles, Rich Elwood & Jay Ono. Brought my friend Taz for last night's show. It was amazing. Only five of us and a two hour show. Lots of stage time and great energy. I felt much safer on stage than I thought I would with the big dogs and just had a ball. Tonight was a bit more of a zoo as a bunch of players came up from Seattle to join us and we were eight players. That's actually quite a few...more chaotic, less time with each player. And the old men, well, they loved me. They seem to have kind of taken up my cause and are now my biggest champions, eager to play with me again and giving me lots of good advice on getting the right agent and stuff like that. Plus, they all knew my dad and we've been swapping stories. Bit emotional, on top of everything else.

Anyway, I feel like I'm on a speeding train, still looking out the window trying to see the view. I don't want to forget to pace myself and make sure I tread this path with care and grace. I don't want to miss anything. Anything at all.

Today I woke up so tired, I stayed in bed all day in the hotel and napped and ate room service in bed and watched tv and episodes of six feet under on my computer. My brother came down this afternoon and got in the other bed. We were cute. He stayed for the early show and was proud of me, which was cool.

This life. I feel so lightheaded, but ready. I'm just so so ready to make great things happen.

But why, oh, why, does it all have to happen at exactly the same time?

Ryan told me he loves me. (Like, friendly love). I cried. What a week.

Be so kind to each other.


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miss sara said...

i was *wondering* if the reef man ever called you...

i have got so caught up in working at...work and in school and life that i forgot to read your blog.

much love and a ginormous hug.