It's. Not. My. Cat.

Special to Jonesy....

It is Plimp. The cat who lives where I live. She is Chris' cat. But I have grown to love her and she's awful snuggly. But, no, let's be honest with ourselves. I should never have my own pet. It will get buried 'neath the laundry or overdose on chocolate left on the coffee table. My pet would undoubtedly be badly behaved and willful. So I shall enjoy the cuddly qualities of the neurotic Plimp until she, along with Chris and Katrin, rip the family apart in the fall.


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Anonymous said...

oh. ok, that makes more sense.

on monday i will see you, yes?

ps. tomorrow, if you're doing nothing, i'm going to try to talk kuyp and bodnar into going to see H2G2, if you want in, prolly a matinee out by riverport megalopolis, call me pre-noonish, we're doing brunch as usual.