Points of interest

Listen, I have lots to tell. Seriously. But I'm very sleepy. So, in the mean time, I'd like to just let you all know, (all three of you who read this), that I have a few things coming up that really, really excite me.

One...this coming Friday and Saturday night I will be in Bellingham with Jeff Gladstone, Tom Jones (Vancouver's own, lest there be a mixup), and Tallulah Winkelman improvising our little hearts out as The Stretch Mouthed Rascals. We have two shows per night, each well over an hour, at the Upfront Theater, 1208 Bay Street. Owned by Ryan Stiles, by the way. Coool. Anyway, we've been working on a very fun format, not conceived by us, but borrowed and with a dash of us tossed in the mix, and we're all looking forward to playing our tushes off.

Two...for four glorious nights, Sept 16-19 at 8pm at LICK club at 455 Abbott street in Vancouver, I will be appearing in "Good Morning Gaytown", part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. The darlings Michael V. Smith (Miss Cookie LaWhore) and Morgan Brayton (Daddy Rex Rexington) are the stars and creators and I am honored to have been asked to participate. Plus it makes my hanging out at the Fringe club every night have some legitimacy.

Working on some interesting writing projects with Ian Boothby, as well, who has been kind enough not to be disappointed in my jibber jabbery efforts. What a guy.

I think things are kind of falling into place. Quitting that job was the best thing I ever did.

Plus, Warren called me lovely in his blog, www.livejournal.com/users/talentlessclod and I really liked that.

Tonight I babysat Benjamin Bailly, the best two year old ever. What a wunderkind! Pix to follow soon. So cute, so smart, and the most amazing comic timing. The kid's a wicked good comedian.

Time for sleeping now, but tomorrow I will wax philisophical on the fleeting nature of love and lust and the joy found in work and the connundrum of politics. Etc.



Anonymous said...

While I do agree you deserve the moniker of "Lovely", I don't think I deserver the monikier of "old roommate".

If he is going to describe me the VERY least he can do is describe me at "ex roommate".

Excuse while I hitch my pants up and hobble over to my walker so I can go yell at kids. :-(


Infidelia said...

"Hey, you kids, get offa my lawn!" Like that? I hope so, I'd like to see that. I'd like to say it sometime, too. That would be fun. Sometimes I just say it for kicks.


Anonymous said...

I like yelling that when I am sitting in Stanley Park.

Freaks the tourists out. ;-)


Joe Nobody said...

"I'd like to just let you all know, (all three of you who read this)"

The Fourth Man peaks voyeuristically at your naked blog. Reading with aloofness that often spills over into interest, he mingles about your words like an unknown guest.

"Whose he?" one of your lines might ask.

"Oh, him," answers your closing paragraph. "He's nobody. I think I heard someone call him Joe."

-- And with that, I too must sleep.