Drinky Drinkerson

Quite drunk just at the moment. If I left in all the mistakes I'm making it would be hilarious but unreadable. I'll do a paragraph at the end where I leave in all the mistakes. Trust me, keep reading.

I have, once again, made a complete ass of myself in front of a celebrity. I did a show at El Cocal tonight, which went fairly well, and Alan Cumming was there. (Look him up on imdb, you'll recognize him), and he's one of my favourite actors, and I haven't eaten anything today except popcorn, and then I had lots of wine at the show, and then I met him...oooh, have been aggressive and mouthy all night.

Okay. Too durnnk to continue. This si the drunk paragraph I promisted you wher eI wouldn't corect any of the mistaktes. It's alreasy funny. Oof . Am going to eat soemthing I put in the mcriowave and wathc the televeisoin. Oh, mky , god, ikt's worse than I though.lt. Will continue this tomorrow. Have acdcidentlally corected threee things in this paragaraph. Oh, dear. Four.

Nighty night then.



The Don ® said...

I can’t believe you get a funny block !! You just made some one all the way from Kuwait crack up and laugh his @ss off.. you’re a funny girl.. keep doing it.. make our lives just a little bit easier.. LOL

Infidelia said...

Kuwait?! Ku-cool!! (Oh, my God, I can't believe I said that...)

What a treat to hear from strangers from far away. Glad to make you laugh. Very glad. Will attempt to be as hilarious sober as I am drunk.

Going to read your blog in case there's any good motorcycle trip stories. Is that your bike in the picture? Nice bike.

The Don ® said...

I’m glad to give you that boost in ego.. but you don’t need it girl.. you’re good.. I have been lurking around your blog for a while.. I never say anything I hate to intrude on thoughts, but this post.. I couldn’t help my self.. I wish you good luck.. I’m sure that what you do is hard, but I think you can hold your horses.. I really like reading about you.. at least your blog is much better than the ones that are dark and depressing all the time..

Anyway, yes, I have 2 bikes.. the blue fatboy and the silver hardcore bike.. Here are the two links for them on my blog incase you missed them.. I’ll be coming back..



Oh and thanks for mentioning me in your next post.. that put a smile on my face.. and yes I’m a "HE".. LOL

Infidelia said...

Your bikes are HOT. Very slick. Longtime dream to learn to ride a motorcycle. It's okay being a passenger, but I like to be in control, you know?

You don't have to lurk, I like your comments.

Altruistic Dad said...

Hey :) You're one funny Canadian. I've heard rumours of funny Canadians, but I've never actually seen evidence...until now. ;)

You make me laugh. Har har!