i am a puddle of sweat and baby powder. a soggy teacake. i miss my rainforest. hell, i miss the air conditioned van i was in a few hours ago. oh, god. i have this heat rash that started a few days ago in montreal, it calms down when i have a cold shower, but right now i am the grossest mess of itchy red bumps. i am wearing my most uncomfortable pair of cranky pants. I gotta get off the computer, actually, becuase it is, in fact, on my lap, where a laptop should be, but it's fucking hot, so it's not helping anything. a million hot needles are pricking me all over my body. my kingdom for a 24 hour pharmacy and some lanacane! i'd sell my soul to the devil for a breeze. go jump in something if you think you're getting the fun montreal stories right now. i'm jumping in another cold shower. 3rd today! sheesh.

first show went well here tonight, and i schmoozed my way into a standup gig on wednesday, so that's good. schmoozing. sheesh.

oh, god, hot laptop! i gotta go. more once i've found a tub of ice to sit in.


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Fitz said...

Sorry to hear you're so schweaty Riel. It's been kind of nice and mild here, though I DID get a bit of a sunburn on my face.

Looking forward to catching up when you get back.