i prayed so very hard for rain and cooler weather, and the last few days have been very beautiful. next few days full of lots of visiting with old friends and eating food with them. good good. computer batter very low and cord in other room and me too lazy to plug in...so wanted to say feeling much better and still promising to write more and longer later. promises, promises.



Anonymous said...

Look, I am not sure how to bring this up but I think we should talk. I just don't feel like we spend enough time together anymore. I fear we are drifting apart. You don't respond to me the way you used to. Let's not pretend it's not happening. I think we need to be honest with each other. If you don't want me, set me free. I know there are other bloggers who would benefit from my loving ministrations. I just want to hear it from you first before I see it posted somewhere else. I think I deserve at least that much.

Infidelia said...

whither wilt thou wander, unsung one? your ministrations, indeed.

i am in love with you, obviously.