Worse than none at all.

What a gig last night. Such a good set at El Cocal. I love doing shows there because every time I do it brings me back to myself, to what I know is funny. Last couple of shows have been...drab, I guess. Not terrible, but not sparkly, and left me scratching my head a bit about what I did wrong. Then El Cocal reminds me that what I did wrong was try to do something not myself. It's better when I just get up and tell my stories, read the room a bit, get to know what they want. Oh, it's just so worth it when there's all that laughing and cheering. Even from thirty people. Yum.

Looks like I may have booked a gig in Montreal...just waiting for confirmation. Very exciting. Keeping my fingers crossed for Ottawa, too. Oooooh...I can't stand it!!

Vic Lippucci is going on my list of people to thank when I win something. He hooked up the gig in Montreal, so huzzah to him. It's very heartening when people are willing to put themselves out for you. It makes me want to work that much harder, that's for sure.

I'll tell you what makes me want to work even harder, watching Erica Sigurdson perform lately. That girl is on fire, she is working so hard and getting so good. I mean, she was already good, but she is tearing it up these days. Makes me want to get there, too. Work worky work work.

That's your taste of honey for today. I gotta clean up my room.


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