This is the theme to Garry's show....

I had my first stage manager nightmare last night. I dreamed we moved theatres, and had a bigger band, and there was no booth for me to be in, so I had to be on the stage, and I kept getting in the way, then all my lighting and sound cues kept disappearing from my prompt script, and then the script just fell apart and went all out of order, then I realized I had no control over Penelope's mic because it was backstage, then all the breakers blew on the lights, and I was kneeling on the side of the stage in the dark trying like a maniac to come up with a light that worked while John screamed from backstage, "The circuits are overloaded, the board's on fire!", which made me panic even more, and the audience got really uncomfortable and I think I cried. I am hoping this is not what happens tonight.

Okay, I'm getting up now.


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miss sara said...

shoot. i am gonna have to change your blog banner when i get around to it. i love your new name...INfidelia: Regular Princess